Strike Debt Announcements

Strike Debt Announcements

This list is for announcements of meetings, events, actions and minutes related to Strike Debt.

This list is moderated.
If you want to get involved visit:
Here you will find meeting notes, timely information, calendar events, calls, and more.

Strike Debt on Facebook:

Please check out the other Strike Debt lists:

> Discussion:
Open discussion related to Strike Debt
> Debt-Ops:
Planning, drafting, distribution of The Debt Resistors' Operations Manual.
> Rolling Jubilee:
Planning of Rolling Jubilee and Telethon projects for Strike Debt.
> Action:
Planning and coordinating direct actions in Strike Debt.
> Propaganda:
Creation and distribution of Strike Debt propaganda, flyers, banners, etc.
> Tech:
For people managing technology for Strike Debt (websites, list serves, etc.)
> Outreach:
Discussion and planning for Strike Debt outreach strategies.

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