S17 Tech

S17 Services cluster discussion list.

This list is for discussion of maintenance of internal communication, tech resources, and volunteer services. Please stay on topic.

If you want to get involved visit: http://interoccupy.net/s17nyc/
Here you will find meeting notes, timely information, calendar events, calls, and more.

Join the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/407471409305638/

Please check out the other S17 discussion lists:
> S17 announcements: http://lists.occupy.net/lists/info/s17
This list will post announcements and report backs from sub groups
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Volunteer, tech, contact, in-reach, and other related services for S17 organizers.
> S17 Support: lists.occupy.net/lists/info/s17-support
Information sharing and discussion of S17 housing, transport, food, and the coordination thereof.


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