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occupydata - General discussion list for the Occupy Data initiative

Subject: General discussion list for the Occupy Data initiative

Description: Occupy Data description adapted from the DC proposal:
- - -
1. Act as a resource for various entities within the national Occupy movement to strengthen initiatives through data gathering, sensitive to
legal and licensing issues, analysis, and visualization

2. Develop Occupy Data projects to address overarching grievances of the various Occupy locations across the United States, and globally, which may include economic inequality, identity-based discrimination and (in)equality of opportunity, corruption, lobbying, campaign finance, militarization, the financial crisis, the criminal (in)justice system, destruction of the global ecosystem, mortgages and foreclosures, and related themes

3. Coordinate with local and national open data advocates, developers, and technologists on existing open data, open government, and linked data projects

4. Establish an Occupy Data website to serve as a clearinghouse for data
sources, tutorials, and visualization tools

5. Coordinate with local technology and data organizations to hold teach ins for members of Occupy Data, and the general public

6. Practice radical transparency

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