Announcements for planning May Day 2013

This list is for announcements around the planning of May Day 2013. This will include
information about time & dates of meetings and reportbacks from working groups.

Please Note: This list is moderated. All non May Day related messages or "reply-alls" will be rejected.

This is a moderated discussion listserv with messages approved by the list admins in order to ensure that it remains a safe, relevant and productive space for organizing and sharing important information.

The following types of messages will be rejected:

Derisive or personal attacks that escalate conflict, or damage solidarity by dividing the group.

Messages that are off-topic or lead the conversation away from the topic at hand. If the topic of conversation evolves past that of the states subject line, please start a new thread with a different subject line.

Messages that are cross-posted on multiple other lists
Messages that are self-evidently directed at an individual, and don't need to be sent to the entire list.

Moderators will make every effort to be communicative and respond to questions and concerns.

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