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guitarmy - OWS Guitarmy: We bring the noise

Subject: OWS Guitarmy: We bring the noise

Description: This list is for announcements and discussion around OWS Guitarmy.

OWS Guitarmy is part of the Music Working Group, which was founded as part of
the NYC OWS general assembly.

email: music at nycga dot net

Listserv community guidelines:
--please be mindful and respectful of your fellow guitarmists when posting and
--please take personal responses and side conversations off-list
--please sign your first name/nom de guerre to your messages
--please be aware of private information you are posting to this list
--please stay on topic in a thread: if it's a new topic, start a new topic thread

and rules that can be enforced:
--do not spam or send commercial messages to this list
--do not flame anyone

By joining this list you are consenting to these community discussion standards.
They will be discussed and modified by online consensus quarterly.

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