List Serve for announcements and strategic city-wide planning, outreach and direct action for Occupy Wall Street and other 99% Movements working for change in NYC

Welcome to s17-2014 LIST SERVE for announcements and strategic planning for all things Occupy Wall Street and Movement before during and after September 17, 2013 (The 2 Year Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street Movement). The tentative agreements for S-17 2013 are below:

Announcements for Post S-17 2014 Planning

This list will be moderated ensure that it remains a safe, relevant and productive space for organizing and sharing important information.It is a moderated announcement and strategic planning listserve, which means it is configured so that any subscriber may post messages, but they must be approved by a moderator before being dispersed to the list subscribers.

List Agreements

The following types of messages will be rejected:

Messages including language that is derogatory, offensive, or oppressive in any way.

Messages that are off-topic or clearly not related to post S-17 Planning or Actions related to them

Announcements for third-party events unrelated topost S-17 Planning or Actions related to them

Messages that are self-evidently questions or responses directed to an individual will be sent to the recipient but rejected from the list.

Multiple posts on the same day not related to post S-17 Planning or Actions related to them.

**Please Note: This is a list-serve for transparent Occupy Wall Street Affinity, Independent and Working Groups that have OPEN consistent meetings, that post minutes and or notes and that which work with other OWS and 99% groups to bring about change for the 99%

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